About Us

Why “Bayan”?

Bayan is a Kurdish language word, meaning sunrise and morning. Bayan also means Aurora; In the light of the aurora you can see all the colors.

Superior Design

A team of specialists refine all Bayan product developments to maximize functionality, user-friendliness, ergonomics and aesthetics. All of our products are extremely reliable, easy to use with excellent light quality. The main objective of Bayan engineers is to develop systems which incorporate state-of-the-art technology and complex functions, yet are easy for the user to operate.

Skilled Employees

Bayan employees are characterized by their vast technical knowledge, extensive training qualifications and an extraordinary sense of team spirit. We have gathered a powerful team of electrical, mechanical, computer and IT engineers. In addition, most employees have achieved a wealth of practical experience working with Bayan lighting either as an optical engineer or a studio engineer.

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

Quality assurance and Quality control are two very closely related concepts. Because of that close relationship, they are often confused and one is inappropriately used as a substitute for the other. Quality assurance is a process focused concept, where the processes are put in place to ensure the correct steps are done in the correct way. If the correct processes are in place, there is some assurance that the actual results will turn out as expected.

Quality control is a product focused concept, checking the actual results to ensure that things are as expected. If the correct controls are done, you can know for certain that the actual results have been achieved because the actual results have been checked. Quality assurance processes are put in place to provide some comfort that the final product is what you want. Quality control is making sure the final product really is what you want. In Bayan, both processes are done using latest technology devices by most experienced engineers.

Efficient Service and Sound Planning Advice

Bayan offers a comprehensive service for implementing a wide variety of light requirements. The light experts at Bayan can assist the customer throughout the acoustic planning phase and provide support with lighting system calibration and the final system inspection at the venue.

Thank you for trusting us!